Welcome to the ASPIRE Group

We at ASPIRE Astro are a specialized group of researchers united by our passion for observational astrophysics. Our team manages a dedicated network of small-aperture telescopes, primarily for collaborative photometry projects. We actively engage in the exchange of knowledge, participating in both local and international photometric campaigns. Our efforts are pivotal in broadening scientific understanding, especially in the fields of asteroid and variable star photometry.


The network of telescopes we steward at ASPIRE Astro is not merely a tool; it is a cornerstone of our observational endeavors. It enables us to continuously monitor celestial objects, a practice integral to our hands-on approach in observational astrophysics. This approach is crucial for collecting high-quality data, which is essential in advancing our research and contributing to scientific publications.


Our collaborative spirit at ASPIRE Astro extends beyond our immediate network, as we form partnerships with numerous international institutions and researchers. This extensive network of alliances underscores our commitment to fostering a collaborative and synergistic research environment. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of individual contributions, nurturing a culture where the expertise of each team member in operating and utilizing these telescopes is both recognized and valued.

ASPIRE's Basic Principles

ASPIRE's pooled knowledge and collaboration with other observers fosters collaborative projects through the participation of photometric campaigns and dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications. 

Collaborative Campaigns

Our researchers have collaborated with a number of institutions as individuals or members of the group. These include Universities in the United States and Italy. On individual basis, we have collaborated with a number of researchers worldwide ranging from a number of European countries to  Japan and USA.

Research Papers

ASPIRE as a group does not take any credit for the observations submitted by it's members. We believe that credit should be given only to whoever contributed in the respective campaign.  As individuals, our group has produced a substantial number of scientific publications, that are hosted on the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System server. 

Current Observational Campaigns (2024)
BY Draconis Stars Observational campaign concerning the monitoring of a selection of BY Draconis stars in order to define their intrinsic characterists.
Main-Belt asteroids with unknown rotation periods A number of asteroids that have no published rotation periods are being targeted for observation .
RS CVn Star (peculiar) A particular variable star discovered by a member of our group is being monitored to uncover the cause of its anomalous behaviour.
Update of asteroids data with poorly defined rotation period This campaign targets asteroids that have a low certainty in their published period. The outcome will be helpful to address this uncertainity. Such observations may also be helpful for asteroid shape modeling.
Follow-up on stars discovered by our group members Followup observational campaigns for variable stars dicovered by our group members are carried out to uncover further characteristcs of star/s involved. These results are also published in scientific papers.

Latest Publications

About Us

The ASPIRE Group is made up of a restricted number of researchers and was established in 2017. The activity portfolio of the ASPIRE Group includes asteroid and stellar photometry work using a network of semi-automated, and robotic telescopes ranging from small to medium-sized optical telescopes coupled with research-grade cameras.  To substantiate our research, we have also used larger professional telescopes through onsite observation that included locations such as the Canary Islands and Estonia.  Click here to know more.

Contact us

As the ASPIRE Group fosters collaborative research through photometric campaigns, institutions and individual researchers are most welcome to contact us through the contact form below or through email at aspire (dot) astrophysics (at) gmail (dot) com