Collaborative Campaigns


The Asteroid and stellar photometry research group is a team of astronomers who are interested in studying the variability of celestial objects, such as asteroids and stars. Our group aims to understand the physical properties and evolutionary processes of these objects by measuring their brightness changes over time.

Our group has a strong record of international collaboration with various institutions and researchers. We have collaborated with universities in the United States and Italy, as well as individual experts from Europe, Japan, and the USA. We have also participated in several joint projects and publications with other groups in the field of variable star and asteroid research.

Our observational campaigns cover a wide range of topics and targets, such as cataclysmic variable stars, binary stars, and chromospherically active stars such  RS CVn and BY Draconis classes. These stars exhibit periodic or irregular variations in their luminosity due to phenomena such as mass transfer, eclipses, spots, flares, and pulsations. We use different techniques and methods to analyze their light curves through photometric  observations, period analysis, modeling, and simulation.

We also conduct campaigns on asteroid photometry, which is the measurement of the brightness of asteroids as they rotate around their axes. By observing the light variations of asteroids, we can infer information about their rotation period where such observations can be useful to determine their shape. We also aim to improve the existing data and knowledge on the physical characteristics of asteroids, especially those that are scientifically interesting.

We carry out our campaigns using data from small to medium-sized telescopes, which are suitable for observing  fast-changing objects. We also occasionally combine our data with those from professional telescopes to obtain higher precision and quality. Our group is always looking for new opportunities and challenges to expand our research and contribute in our way, to the advancement of astronomy.


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