Mission Statement

The ASPIRE Group is composed of a small number of researchers that has the aim to enhance their knowledge through the pooling of individual  knowledge and resources and through the participation of observational collaborative campaigns.  These campaigns concern  astronomical photometric projects were participation is mainly carried amongst members and possibly with other external researchers.  The Group delivers  mutual support for the execution of science projects through the sharing of expertise and collaboration .  The Group specifically aims to do research that is:


  • Scientific: based on well-established, rigorous, and systematic methods.
  • Impactful: insights, recommendations, and solutions that are broadly applicable and improve effectiveness and efficiency of science operations.
  • Practice-based: in close contact with observers; mutual support is based and delivered thorough the understanding of their contexts and challenges to supply meaningful and scientifically useful observations.
  • Focused on cross-learning: focused on transferrable best-practices between different observers and other stakeholders.