Publications by ASPIRE observers as Authors and/or Coauthors 



ASPIRE has the aim to enhance the repertoire of its observers. Hence we commend any scientific publication where ASPIRE participants appear as authors or coauthors irrespective whether publications pertain to ASPIRE or otherwise.


Photometric Observations of Main-Belt Asteroids 784 Pickeringia, 1465 Autonoma, 1477 Bonsdorffia, 3057 Malaren, 5708 Melancholia, and 8548 Sumizihara [2024] MPB
Lightcurves and Rotation Period Determination of Seven Main-Belt Asteroids Observed from Malta and Slovakia [2024] MPB
2021 superoutburst of the WZ Sge-type dwarf nova V627 Pegasi lacks an early superhump phase [Publ. 2023] Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan
Synodic Period Determination of Seven Main-belt Asteroids from Maltese Observatories [2023] MPB
Lightcurve Analysis and Rotation Period for Asteroid 5147 Maruyama [2023] MPB
Lightcurve Analysis of Asteroid 2685 Masursky [2023] MPB
Time-series Photometry and Analysis of the BY Draconis Class Star: GSC 05586-00270 [2023] OEJV
Lens mass estimate in the Galactic disk extreme parallax microlensing event Gaia19dke [2023] A&A
ExoClock Project. III. 450 New Exoplanet Ephemerides from Ground and Space Observations [2023] ApJS